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Scalable Computing Research Group

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ScaLab is a research group focusing on designing and optimizing algorithms, software, and computer architecture to improve the scalability of future computing systems and accelerate scientific discovery. Our research revolve around large-scale parallel systems, including high-performance computing and data centers. Our main research areas include:

Our group has year-round openings for highly motivated Ph.D. students who are interested in the following topics. If you are interested, please apply through this link.

Heterogeneous Computing

parallel systems with novel accelerators, including GPU, PIM, TPU, DPU, RISC-V accelerators, smartNIC, etc.

Memory-centric Computing

CXL, Disaggregated memory, near-memory processing, NVM, HBM, Heterogeneous memory

Converged Computing

architecture and middleware for coordinated utilization of HPC, cloud, and edge computing