ScaLab @ KTH

Scalable Parallel System Research Group

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ScaLab is a research group focusing on designing and optimizing algorithms, software, and computer architecture to improve the scalability of future computing systems and accelerate scientific discovery. Our research revolve around large-scale parallel systems, including high-performance computing and data centers. Our main research areas include:

Converged Computing

architecture and middleware for coordinated utilization of HPC, cloud, and edge computing

Disaggregated Systems

computation-memory disaggregation, disaggregated memory management, system software and runtime optimizations

Memory-centric Computing

near-memory processing, persistent memory (PM), hybrid memory systems, memory-intensive computing

Heterogeneous Parallel Systems

shared-memory systems, distributed-memory systems, and emerging heterogeneous systems with specialized accelerators, including GPUs, PIM, TPU, DPUs, etc.